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Publishing from Word to WordPress

Using Word to publish Blog Posts to WordPress comes in handy when you want to use different:


Font sizes

Font colours


Table formatting

 Formatting Links

There are many more advantages like being able to use the Format Painter to quickly use the same formatting in another part of the post. You can write the post while you are offline.

It may pay to add the images once the post has been published as draft on WordPress especially if you want to use the ‘alt’ description, etc..
The Video below gives an example on how to do this. Microsoft Word 7 works the same as this.

Microsoft Word 2013 Tutorial

Blog Publishing With Word


Options for creating a Website/Blog with WordPress

Using WordPress to create a Website/Blog  has different plans ranging from  zero to 24.92 US monthly for a Business Plan (at the time this post was written)
$3 a month, for example, will give you 6000 MB and no adds.

To create the look you like there are lots of free and paid themes available.

Allowed Space

3072 MB

Depends on Hosting


Free with




Ranging from US $1.99/month depending on Hosting Company and plan

 Social Media buttons

ready to use

need to be set up
Domain Name

Included in plan, even in the yearly renewal

May be included for the first year




Back ups

Handled by WordPress

Pay for it or
do it yourself



Pay for it or
do it yourself



Pay for it or
do it yourself

Learn WordPress — Tutorials and Walkthroughs

You can  find out more about using your Domain name with and other options here.

Comparision between and in the WP Support.

Companies who use